How did this project come to life?

I, Weronika Vogel, am 20 years old and spent a year as a volunteer on Sideia Island, Papua New Guinea, from September 2019 to July 2020. I mainly worked as a teacher in a vocational school, teaching English, Mathematics and Sports. Unfortunately the school has no available library which made the English lessons quite difficult to organize. Most of the girls could count the number of the books they have ever read on the fingers of one hand. They were extremely excited about the few books I brought with me and used during my lessons. Since I would call myself a bookoholic, this experience made me think and after returning I talked to my friends Katharina Kiock and Amelie Rehm about it. Soon after, we started seriously considering the idea of starting a library project for Sideia.

You would like to know more about my year as a volunteer? Feel free to visit my blog (in German) which I wrote during that time!